We worship at Church of Pentecost (PIWC) Asokwa -Kumasi

It was 26th January 2020 Sunday morning; we were at Church of Pentecost (PIWC) Asokwa, Kumasi. Church service began at exactly 7:00 a.m. Rev. Ed- Arcton Chairman of RSF accompanied by Pastor (Coach) Jimmy Larhce and his son Zach Larhce  arrived at the Church Service with the aim to worship and share the vision of  Sports Evangelism to the local Church and others prospective participants.

The Church service started with opening Prayer, Praises and Worship, Choir Ministration and then followed by the ministration of the Word of God. The sermon was delivered by Elder Anthony Gambrah on the Topic: LIVING NOW WITH ETERNITY IN VIEW. Bible Lessons were taken from Mathew 13:3-, Ecclesiastics 12:1, Luke 12:13-, Mathew 7:21-23 and Philippians 1:1.  

He started his exhortation with a video clip of how the song entitled: THIS WORLD IS NOT MY OWN came about. The preacher dwells on the parable of the sower in the Holy Scripture.

In his exhortation, he emphasized on how this world and everything in it is vanity. He cited an example of how a poultry farmer who had invested so much into his business died with the chicken upon losing some birds to a disease breakout; when he lost 50 birds he exclaimed there was no problem, then lost 100 more, 150 and yet he said no problem, but after hearing 200 more birds were dead and saying no problem, he took his last breathe and died with the chicken for he could not bear the pain and the loss.

He concluded by saying King Solomon after all his riches and wealth concluded by saying all is vanity. The whole duty of man is to fear God and obey His commandment.

Rev. Ed Arcton and Coach (Pastor) Jimmy was invited unto the podium. Rev. Arcton introduced Jimmy and his Son to the audience. He emphasized that we are here to do Sports Evangelism; precisely baseball training and coaching. We have come here to Train and disciple professional baseball Coaches who will later become baseball Coaches for Ghana Baseball team. All who are interested to participate are welcome.  Pastor Jimmy a professional Coach and Trainer also made some comments and introduced Zach his son. He said, he left his “chicken” in America to come over here to meet his African brothers to propagate the gospel through sports.

Pastor Jimmy concluded by inviting everybody to the sports event which begins from 27-29 January, 2020 at CPC Church sports park at Amanfrom on the Abrepo Road at 9:00 a.m. each day.



Worship at Assemblies of God Church (Living Waters)

Our team also visited the Assemblies of God Church same day to share our vision and mission of sports evangelism and discipleship. We were cordially received by the host Pastor and church leadership. We invited the church members to participate in the baseball sports event organized and hosted by Rescue Sports Foundation and Breakaway Outreach Ministry

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