Akosua Nkansah’s Tell Her Story.

RSF at Spirit FM Radio Station with Akosua Nkransah

Akosua Nkansah was born to Madam Akua Boaduwaa and Mr Kwame Bobie at Asante Bekwai Bogyawe in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. She is the third among six siblings. She was not born with any disability until after two years later when she had strong fever without medical treatment leading to the rise of her temperature.  Her Mom came back from work just  to find her own daughter paralyzed. She did her best to find some medical treatment for Akosua her daughter but that could not solve the problem at hand. 

All attempts to restore her proved fruitless because she had become too weak that she could neither sit nor stand. She was rushed to the hospital and doctors could not found the cause and solution. The family then turned to God for healing and after several years, she could crawl with her knees and sit down for a while.

 She was then sent to Koforidua Hospital in the Eastern Region of Ghana for surgeries to be done on both legs. There afterward was provided with clutches to assist her walk. She could then crawl with her legs and no more on my belly. The parents were told to bring her for another surgery when she attained 12 years but they could not afford the medical bill. Her family did their best but lost everything in seeking for her health and this brought them to financially difficulties  and brokenness.

At about twelve years, her parents decided to relocates to Kumasi city and leave the crawling 12 year old girl in the Bogyawe town at the mercy of all threats. God was her helper for a period of one year. She crawled to go and buy food for herself; sometimes her cousin used to help by fetching water for her to bath. Whenever the cousin refuses to assist she has to bathed herself with the water she uses to wash the dishes.

After a year of difficulties and challengers, her parents came for her. They enrolled her into school at Jachie School for her to learn sewing but this could not go well for her presence health situation because  she feel much pain whenever she sat down for a long time. She had to quit schooling and start trading. She started selling second-hand clothing with her father assisting her financially. At a point she got pregnant but the man failed and refused to take the responsibility. She had to take care for her baby by herself.

She was introduced to Rescue Sports Foundation and later joined the Disabilities Fellowship. Over here she shows interest in the Basketball and started training with basketball Team. She soon released that there are many opportunities with Disabilities Group under the ministry of Rescue Sports Foundation.

She also learnt to race and plays the Badminton and was selected to play Badminton competition in Uganda in 2018. One day someone commented that “what can this one too be able to do” but she encouraged herself to prove them wrong. After the competition she was the only one given an award because of her performance when they returned home to Ghana.

She can proudly say that even though she is disabled, in her father’s house she is the only one who has traveled outside the country to represent Ghana in Competition and has been succeeded. She is proud to be part of a great family of achievers. All glory to God.

Thank you Rescue Sports Foundation

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